Group Sleep Coaching w/ Kim Sopman - $379 CAD

Are you looking for support to help your baby or child start sleeping better? Are you exhausted and desperately need a good night of sleep? Do you want to be surrounded by like-minded parents and professionals to help guide the way? Look no further than our Rest Easy Sleep Group Coaching program!

If you’re ready to sleep…more than 2 hours in a row…
Ready for strategies that don’t include CIO methods…
Ready to feel motivated to address your child’s sleep challenges with confidence…

Rest Easy Sleep Group Coaching is the ideal way to reach your sleep goals with longer-term support.

This group coaching program is geared towards motivated parents who want to move forward on the right path with sleep. They understand tears are inevitable even with fully responsive techniques and are ready to create long-lasting, positive changes to their child’s sleep habits. This program is appropriate for 4 months to 2.5 years, whether you have a young infant or a walking, talking toddler, we offer the ideal way to uncover the sleep issues that keep your family from getting the rest they need. Our Family-Led Sleep Strategy© is sensitive, honest and realistic. Achieve better sleep habits without leaving your children to cry-it-out. We ensure attachment and the parent-child bond is priority.

Don’t wait for September when you can achieve better sleep now, into the summer months and beyond! There is no better health benefit than a good night of sleep. It is detrimental to you and your child’s well-being.

You could wait for “someday” but why not start now? This is how I will be supporting and cheering you on…

This six-week group coaching program includes:

Don’t cry into your coffee, drink it hot for once! Join us today and reach your sleep coaching goals!

Overnight Sleep Coaching w/ Kim Sopman - $70 CAD/hour

Are you looking for in-home guidance to help your baby or child start sleeping better?

Are you looking for a good night of sleep and want to have a certified sleep coach as the one to care for your child during the night?

I am pleased to offer this service from the comfort of your own home, working together with you to understand your child’s unique sleep challenges and find solutions. If your child is over five months old, we can help analyze the current sleep issues, assess your child’s sleep space and suggest new ways to help support sleep. If your child is under five months old, I can help with frequent night wakings or help settle your baby during the night so you can get more of the rest you need.

Implementing new routines can be daunting. In-home half or full-night support can help ease the anxiety of the unknown reaction your child will have to the changes. You will be supported and coached through the process in your home, or I can implement the coaching on your behalf. In-home night coaching will give you extra confidence to carry forward your sleep coaching  journey the following night.


Overnight in-home sleep coaching support includes...

Overnight in-home sleep coaching is for you if:

Parent's Clarity Guide to Newborn Sleep (e-course) - $97 CAD

Okay, let’s face it, most parents struggle at some point with their newborn’s sleep health. I’ve created clear and simple bite-size video tutorials that help you understand your newborn’s unique sleep needs. When you follow my unique sleep tips and advice, you will get the rest your family deserves.

This comprehensive e-course is based on my gentle, age-appropriate, and responsive style of sleep support. At no point will I make suggestions that are not respectful to you or your newborn. This self-paced e-course will give you a clear understanding of newborn sleep, and you will feel calmer and more confident, armed with knowledge and some tricks up your sleeve.

Ready to jump in? You will have immediate access to everything you need to feel ready to tackle the day (and night) with your new baby. 

This e-course is aimed at parents-to-be and parents of newborns (0-3 months). You will have access to this course for 4 months. Some of the topics I will cover are:

This course will help you:

  • Understand your newborn’s individual sleep needs
  • Use the time you would spend scouring Google for information on newborn sleep, enjoying your new baby instead
  • Set a solid foundation you can feel confident about!
  • Feel good about the choices you make for your new baby and your family


This is NOT a sleep training program.

The goal of this program is to provide:

  • A gradual approach to sleep
  • Attachment-based methods 

Other Sleep Services

Other Sleep Services:

Rest Easy Sleep Session (ages 0-8 years) – $179 CAD
Let’s talk about your specific concern, such as DIY sleep coaching questions, night waking, daycare transition, dropping a nap, travelling, bedtime challenges, or other sleep-related challenges!

What’s included: Sleep analysis, 50-minute sleep consultation via Zoom or phone

Rest Easy Sleep Membership Program – Founding Member Price $47 CAD/month
(available for the first 75 families, Standing member price $97 CAD/month)
Join us for weekly LIVE discussions and Q&As, exclusive access to my membership resource vault, all questions answered personally by me, plus a free 40 minute strategy call upon joining. If you want more sleep in a hurry in a group setting, or need support from like-minded parents, this is a one-stop-shop to take your sleep-health to the next level. We are dedicated to improving sleep for the whole family with our respectful, responsive methods – no one should run on coffee alone!

Looking for 1:1 Sleep Support?: Please email me directly or book a Free Sleep Strategy Call.