These amazing humans are experts in their respective fields. They fill in the blanks for me, and offer tremendous family value! I am delighted to share them with you. Explore their expertise below! 

Meet Ella Goldberg

Ella Goldberg, LCCE, MPH is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator with her Masters in Public Health and a mom of two boys, Eitan and Yarden. Ella is originally from the East Coast of the USA and has been living in Israel with her family for over a decade. Ella is passionate about gathering information and evidence into the hands of pregnant people so that they can have the power and confidence to make their own best decisions from pregnancy through parenting.
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Meet Sivanne Lieber

Sivanne is a parent coach, progressive educator, mama and early childhood specialist. But most of all, she is a PLAY enabler. In her work as The Joyous Parent, Sivanne empowers parents to be confident they are raising creative, resilient LIFE ready kids…through the art of play! Get ready to join the play revolution!

Meet Michelle Stern

Michelle is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA), dog behaviour consultant, mom, and former classroom teacher. With over 16 years of teaching experience, Michelle loves both the human and canine members of dog families, which shows in her warm and supportive demeanour with clients. She specializes in working with families who are expecting babies and those who already have children and dogs. Learn more about Michelle and her services at and @PoochParenting on FB/IG. She also has a free Facebook group called Parenting Kids and Dogs. 

As a certified sleep coach in Ontario, Canada, Kim is often asked her opinion on certain products. Kim suggests products that are conducive to baby sleep long-term, not short-term gimmicks that may work for a short time, and don’t create the consistent change families are looking for.

Blackout EZ Window Covers

We always recommended Blackout EZ Window Covers to our clients. There is no hardware to instal and you can still use your nursery panels or drapes. They provide the darkness required to achieve restorative sleep for naps and nighttime!

Big Life Journal

We love the Big Life Journal for kids! Big Life Journal helps children develop strong Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and growth mindset skills through inspiring stories, colorful illustrations, and engaging guided activities. Follow the link below to learn more!


The classic, best-selling model of the Lectrofan offers ten pure variations of white, pink, and brown noises, plus 10 fan sounds for masking disruptive noise while your baby is sleeping. Each fan sound is unique, digitally synthesized, and non-looping. There are many great options through Sound of Sleep company.

My Starry Chart

My Starry Chart is a 3-in-1 interactive chore chart, kid’s calendar & character-building game! It’s the only chore chart that is also a personal calendar. It starts out as a fun activity, where kids create their own calendar month. Watch as they beam with pride. They’ll want to show it off and get started with their responsibilities right away!

Use code KIMSOPMAN10 for 10 percent off your purchase!

Travel White Noise Machine

Although napping in a baby’s regular space like a bassinet or crib often produces the most restful sleep, there may be times when you need to be on the go, but want to drown out any disruptive sounds. This little travel white noise machine is great for keeping in the diaper bag and turning it on when you suddenly need a little white noise. One of our sleep coaches took it to the hospital when giving birth and used it to help her baby sleep comfortably during that very first night in the hospital!

Dimmable Light

This powerful little lamp can be easily dimmed by just putting your finger on the top of it. It also has many different colours and settings, but our favourite is the yellow light setting. This helps to keep the room dim if you have to tend to your baby in the middle of the night, without turning on a lamp. A quick double-tap on the top shuts it off quickly and silently with as little disruption as possible. It’s also cordless and magnetic so it’s easy to put it anywhere you need a little light.

Love to Dream Swaddle Up Sleep Sack

While many young babies enjoy the feeling of being swaddled, some babies prefer having their arms free while sleeping. Because their startle reflex is still strong, some babies will jump awake many times throughout the night, leading to interrupted sleep for both baby and parents. We really like the Swaddle Up by Love to Dream, because it allows babies to have their arms up and more easily available, but still gives them that nice snug feeling that newborns often love. It comes in a couple of sizes and can be used from birth (5 lbs and up).

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a product safety expert. Although I test products before I recommend them, please always do your own research and make sure the product meets your needs and quality standards.