Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Rest Easy Sleep Consulting, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have. Below, please find some commonly asked questions about sleep coaching and our approach. Feel free to reach out to us with anything else you may be wondering about!
Sleep coaching in our practice is the process of educating families on what normal baby sleep and development is. From there we help families make positive changes to their baby, toddler or child’s environment/routines/attachment/sleep timings. Through a detailed assessment and discussions, we will address your challenges and deep dive into strategies that can be implemented quickly to see positive changes before implementing a specific sleep method. We define realistic and achievable goals that are age and developmentally appropriate for your child. Finally, if required, we create a further detailed and specific plan of changes–both big and small–that you can implement immediately to see real changes. We always include the family in the process, as YOU are the expert on your child! We do not use methods such as “Controlled Crying” or “CIO”.

Kim Sopman has completed the nationally recognized Holistic Sleep Coaching program accredited at level 5 through Open College Network, the largest vocational awarding body in the UK. The course focuses on evidence-based gentle sleep coaching, family-centred and intuitive-based support. Both Kim and Gillian Minsky are certified Sensitive Sleep Coaches through the Institute of Sensitive Sleep, based in Australia. The Institute prides itself in training sleep coaches to approach each situation from a uniquely sensitive approach. This includes effectively listening to each family and their goals, respecting their lifestyle choices and encouraging parents to gently attune to their child, in order to preserve the attachment relationship.

Rest Easy founder Kim Sopman has many other additional certifications which include Child & Newborn sleep certifications with the Institute of Sleep & Parenting, and an additional advanced sleep coaching certificate with the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting. Kim is also a Certified HUG Teacher, and Certified Night Coach. Kim belongs to the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, in which she holds their principles and coaching beliefs to the highest regard. 

Our approach and methods are sensitive because each discussion, plan or technique implemented is tailored to the family and their individual needs. While some sleep coaches may use the same approach and method for most children, we keep sensitivity, responsiveness and intuition in mind to create a plan that will allow parents to feel supported and encouraged every step of the way. We know that parents don’t want to follow a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, they want an approach that will work best for their child’s personality, their lifestyle and their parenting style.

While we use sensitive approaches, it is inevitable that babies tend to protest change. A baby that has been used to feeding to sleep and being held for each nap may not appreciate the switch to his crib, for example. Because babies can’t yet speak, they express their displeasure to this change in the only way they know how — crying. While you are in the process of making some changes to your sleep habits, your baby may not like the change and will tell you. While parents don’t usually like the idea of their child crying, we have many methods that allow a parent to support their child during the process. Many past clients have said that they did not feel overly distressed by the tears at the beginning of the process, and that the changes they witnessed soon after made them feel reassured that their baby is achieving better, more restorative sleep. 

We are extremely passionate about babies’ sleep. It is something we have worked for years to study and understand. We absolutely give it our all when working with a family to help their child sleep better. With that being said, each child, family and situation is unique and it would be unrealistic to offer a guarantee. We want each client to be happy and encourage an open dialogue to achieve your sleep goals. We take many steps to ensure children are set up for success even before implementing a specific plan if needed. Parents work with us for our unwavering support and expertise, not for an unrealistic or specific outcome.
Rest Easy is proud to have worked with over 200 past clients! Head over to our Results Page to see what some families have to say.
We work with newborns through to six years of age most frequently. Kim is a certified newborn coach, and loves helping new parents navigate this exciting yet overwhelming time in their lives!

Yes! We are pleased to offer a 15-minute complimentary strategy call to see if we would be a good match. Please reach out to us at or book a time through our appointment scheduler.