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Kim Sopman, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

"I believe in balance. Family-led support and realistic goals."

Sleep challenges in the home are a family affair. Everyone’s mental and emotional well-being should be taken into consideration when implementing change. Balance is a BIG deal – we can’t look at baby sleep through a narrow lens and assume the process needs to be either baby-led or parent-led.

A baby’s sleep “problem” is a family sleep “problem” and should be investigated deeply. Throwing a generic sleep method at a struggling family is not going to get to the root of what is really going on… and oftentimes will make things worse. 

After countless hours of sleep education, I know a thing or two about normal baby sleep, and that families can choose to strike a balance.

I used to think it was all (CIO) or nothing (waiting for “someday”) when it came to my baby’s sleep-health back in my new mom days, but this is so untrue. I am here to show you how.

You need…

Education – the more you understand and learn about your baby, the easier it will be to respond appropriately and know what they need, even at 4 am.

Tools – a treasure trove of realistic and humane techniques to help you feel confident about reaching your goals, and allowing you to move forward with consistency.

Support – Sitting alone second-guessing yourself isn’t going to solve the challenge you are having right now. You deserve reassurance, answers, and daily encouragement.

In fact, these three things are so important, they are the centre of my Family-Led Sleep Strategy©.

You don’t have to wait for “someday” to have a good night of sleep for you and your child! Grab a cup of coffee (or 8 oz of water) and let’s chat about where you want to see yourself in a month from now. 

Your baby and family are unique and should be treated as such.

Our sleep coaching process always starts with a thorough assessment taking multiple factors into account, such as sleep hygiene, sleep/wake patterns, diet, allergies, baby’s personality, your values, goals, and family sleep history. Communication is key with the families we work with. It’s imperative that we build strategies and methods with your comfort level and capacity for changes in mind. 

1:1 Coaching with Kim Sopman

Realistic expectations are key when making any changes, big or small. If parents do not prepare for bumps in the road, such as illness, teething, developmental progressions, and the like, any progress made might be lost when undesirable sleep habits creep back in! I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from countless hours of sleep education, holistic, newborn, sensitive and otherwise and put it all into my 1:1 coaching support with families. Take out the guess work and I we will create the ideal sleep strategy for your family. I want you to make sound decisions for your child based on understanding not fear!

In-home SLEEP coaching support

Kim’s in-home sleep coaching support is ideal for families in situations that have become unsustainable and want to take extra steps to help their child sleep more independently by building trust and confidence around sleep-times. The parent-child attachment remains intact as we explore ways to optimize your family’s sleep and wellness. This service is ideal for babies 5 months to two years of age with an option for continued group coaching support.

Our Mission

Our priority when working with families is to ensure that the parent-child attachment bond remains safely intact and we encourage parents to keep the lines of communication open between them and their baby. Babies should feel secure and supported, and parents should remain in tune by using their natural parental intuition.

As sleep specialists, we are not the expert of the baby, the parents/carers are! We are the experts in terms of understanding sleep and the various ways babies can benefit from gentle optimization of their current routines.

We are here to guide parents to positive decisions with realistic outcomes for the baby and family.

We educate and optimize sleep, we are not sleep “trainers.” Sleep is not a skill we can teach a baby, as they are born knowing already how to do this – and the sleep evolves as a child grows, like walking and talking.

Can sleep be optimized and challenging situations be made more manageable? Yes! However, we will not do this through CIO techniques. We also do not guarantee specific outcomes for your child. What we do guarantee is fully responsive support, and research-based information rooted in our experience and expertise. Overall, we help families feel confident and ready to make positive changes to their sleep health. 

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