"Kim was the single most important factor in keeping us consistent."

Hiring Kim was, far and away, the best decision we could have made when it came to sleep training our 4.5 month old daughter.

Prior to working with Kim, our daughter was either being nursed or bounced to sleep and woke up the instant we tried to put her down. I am being quite serious when I say that for the first 4.5 months of my daughter's life, she only ever slept on a human. This meant I was going to bed when she went to bed, and that I was spending 3-4 hours a day bouncing her in a dark nursery for naps. We actually likely would have continued on like this but for the fact that my daughter started vigorously fighting every nap and every bedtime, and was obviously starting to sleep terribly. We knew that sleep training was inevitable, but after 2 months of colic, we were terrified of any program or process that involved unnecessary crying.

We read a lot of sleep training books, spoke to a few consultants, and conferred with our pediatrician (who recommended CIO). Literally the one and only principle to emerge from the five million different opinions and programs out there is the importance of consistency. And we knew that inconsistency would most likely arise from not having a concrete plan, poor decision making in the middle of the night or during a particularly difficult time, and the fact that, as first time parents, we would be prone to self-doubt and second guessing.

Kim was the single most important factor in keeping us consistent. She came up with a clear, flexible and easy-to-follow plan, specifically catered to my daughter and our parenting philosophy. She was astoundingly available to us, in real time, to help us make good decisions based on what was happening in the moment. And she was encouraging and supportive every step of the way, with our family's comfort foremost in her mind. Kim truly made us feel like our daughter's sleep and well-being was as important and urgent to her as it is to us.

I write this review with a hot breakfast in hand and the baby monitor at my side. My daughter has been napping for almost 90 minutes, after going down with barely a peep. She is happier, well rested and all of a sudden rolling around like a little Tasmanian Devil. In our eyes, the result speaks for itself. The journey wasn't pain free, but we are confident that not a single tear or difficult night was in vain on account of Kim's guidance and support.

                                                                                   Lia in Toronto

"Kim listened to my every concern."

When I first heard about Kim through a friend I was already anxious to send an email and get the ball rolling with how this would all work. My story and situation was a little different so I was hesitant about when and how to implement some type of sleep coaching but I knew we just couldn't continue with what we were doing.

My daughter Scarlett was the most difficult sleeper ever. I'm not joking when she literally came out and was wide awake from that day forward. Eyes never shut. Being a first time mom I had no idea how much babies were supposed to sleep, I just thought, okay maybe she doesn't need to sleep that much. Nope. That was wrong! She was so overtired, I look back and it all makes sense now. She was whiney and miserable and had some very early stranger anxiety and I keep thinking, if only she had been sleeping properly...

Out of desperation we started co sleeping, I couldn't be awake for hours and hours on end anymore with her and the only way she would settle was in bed with me. Not to mention that it was super easy and convenient as she was breastfeeding. Well, newborn phase ended fast and we could literally not get her out of bed. It was like a stick of dynamite trying to get her into a bassinet. She hated her crib. Even just to be in it with no expectation of sleep, she screamed. So we continued with the co sleeping and the constant nursing to sleep every night, all night, every 2 hours for at least 30 minutes until she was sleeping.

6 months rolled around and I was done! I wasn't happy anymore. I couldn't sleep in the same position all night long cradling a baby anymore. I couldn't hold her for all the naps all day- which were about 30 minutes in length total and literally on no schedule. It was getting depressing.

Enter Kim (thank God). When I mentioned my situation was different earlier, what I was referring to is that we live in a one bedroom condo (we literally just a bought house-yay) and the plan wasn't to be here for this long after Scarlett was born. So therefore she has been in our room way longer than expected. Kim was more than optimistic and enthusiastic that this could absolutely work and we could move forward with sleep coaching. Best news ever. I didn't see how it would be possible!

After Kim assessed Scarlett's sleep concerns she came up with a solid and personalized plan to get Scarlett and us having a better nights sleep and some proper daytime scheduling with naps. She was actually the most supportive, she listened to every concern, she offered kind words and she made me feel so much better about the process and the outcome.

Fast forward to a couple weeks after coaching, Scarlett is sleeping a minimum of 11 hours through the night, taking 3 naps a day- all in her crib. Kim made this miracle happen. As I write this, I'm having hot coffee and Scarlett is having her first nap of the day.

Kim, thank you forever and always for the proper insight on my baby's sleep, the right plan for our family, the amazing support and the sleep strategies we will all have for a lifetime. Scarlett is happy, rested and growing like crazy. It's amazing what sleep can do. Literally, the best thing you can do is to hire Kim!

                                                                                Danielle in Toronto

"Kim is a skilled and masterful sleep coach."

Picture this: just a little over 2 months ago, before we started working with Kim, my husband and I were sleeping in separate bedrooms. For over 9 months, my husband had been sleeping with our 2.5 year old daughter who stopped sleeping on her own. I was partly-co-sleeping with our newborn. Both kids would wake up multiple times at night, to feed or just to seek reassurance. Both kids woke up for the day at 5am, sometimes as early as 4am… My husband leaves for work at 4:30am so I was often left to try to coax them back to bed, mostly unsuccessfully, on my own. During the day, I was holding my son for every single nap, meaning I was glued to him pretty much all day and night.
Enter Kim. Now, both my kids go to bed with little fuss. My daughter sleeps all night and she is the one to tell us that it is sleepy time and I should leave! My son is slowly lengthening his naps and is on a predictable day and sleep schedule.

Back then – life before Kim - things were dire. We were not getting any sleep. The cycle of sleep deprivation was devastating: nobody was thriving. We were all cranky. I was resentful and my PPD was getting worse by the day. We were too tired and overwhelmed to figure out a way out of this situation. I was sure there was no hope for us. I did not think anyone – even a sleep consultant – could help. After researching a number of consultants in the Toronto area, my husband and I chatted with Kim and immediately agreed she would be the best fit for our family.

We tackled my toddler first. Within 2 days of implementing Kim’s plan – she was falling asleep on her own, sleeping all night and naps, and waking up at our designated wake time! I kept thinking it was too good to be true. But it wasn’t! It really did work. And it kept working. And it is still working! Despite some ups and downs – or regressions – we are now so much more knowledgeable and we can get right back on track. As soon as my son turned 4 months, we started with him. Right from the first night he went from waking up every 45 minutes to only waking up once at night to feed. Naps took a little longer but today he takes 3 good naps regularly!

Kim is a skilled and masterful sleep coach. Aside from her deep knowledge of healthy baby and toddler sleep, her strengths are in her ability to know when she needs to push you a little harder, and when you need a little reassurance and a pep talk. I felt empowered, in control, and secure. Kim responded promptly and with high professionalism. A talented coach, she has a gift for knowing just how to guide and steer you into the right path. Unlike other approaches, Kim is there to train YOU – the parents – to be able to meet all your children’s sleep needs as they evolve, rather than just giving you cookie-cutter, one-size fits all plans. As a result, we will be able to take what we have learned working with Kim and support our children’s ability to sleep well in the long-haul.

It took me a while to realize that the sleep training was working: to be able to fully relax and get some sanity and health back into the family. I joked to Kim that she must have swapped my kids with different ones because the change was so drastic! But really, so much of it was changing our knowledge and approach about what our kids need. And Kim was able to coach us through that. Thank you Kim. We will forever be grateful to you.

                                                                                  Viola in Toronto

“I have a totally new baby!"

It would be an understatement to say that my family thought I was crazy when I decided to hire a sleep coach for my 7 month old. My son was a serial napper 20-30 mins max and at 5 months started waking almost hourly where I needed to rock or nurse him back to sleep. I was losing my mind! After only a week my husband was a believer! Working with Kim versus other consultants I spoke to is that she is realistic - I am a mom on the go and the thought of staying home 24/7 in order for my baby to sleep was not an option. I learned with Kim that you do not need to be on a strict schedule in order to achieve healthy sleep habits. Kim was with me every step of the way - the unlimited texting her sleep packages are priceless. I have learned a wealth of sleep knowledge working with Kim and my son who is exclusively breastfed is finally sleeping through the night and puts himself to sleep for all of his naps. I have my sleep back and I have a totally new baby - I cannot thank you enough!!

                                                                                 Brittany in Toronto

"Kim was there every step of the way."

Our little boy was such a joy, but sleep had never been his (or our) strong point. Most nights it would take over an hour to get him to fall asleep. Once he was in his crib he was waking every 1-2 hours at night and needed nursed, bounced, or rocked back to sleep. We were at a total loss for what to do, where to begin, and how to maintain consistency. We knew we weren’t being the best parents we could be due to sleep deprivation.

Our baby was just about 5 months when we decided to take the leap into hiring a sleep consultant. I did some research, and after chatting with Kim, it just felt right! She was a mother herself, personable, caring, and understanding. We could never have successfully sleep trained our baby with out her. She was there every step of the way. We never felt like we were alone. There were often days where we talked to Kim every hour, and every time she was quick to respond. We loved being involved in creating the “sleep plan” and made adjustments as needed. We never felt like we couldn’t go get our baby or comfort our baby if we needed to. Kim encouraged us to do what we were most comfortable with! She really took into consideration our parenting style.

Our baby now sleeps 11-12 hours at night. He is able to fall asleep independently for both naps and nighttime. Kim has given us and our baby a gift that will last a lifetime. We cannot thank her enough. We never knew how important sleep was. We are all living a much happier, and healthier life and we owe it all to Kim!

                                                                             Caitlin in New York

"Kim was always extremely encouraging and positive."

We hired Kim to help get sleep for our four month old daughter on track. Before we met Kim, we were basically living on a yoga ball. We would bounce Audrey for hours a day to get her to sleep for naps and bedtime. It was taking longer and longer, and she was crying more and more. Audrey also wasnt starting bedtime until 11:30-midnight every night. We were starting to feel very frustrated, and she was always cranky because she just wasn't getting enough sleep.

Enter Kim. I was worried about starting sleep training so young, but Kim assured us healthy sleep habits were definitely achievable at Audrey's age. And she was so right. Kim accurately and quickly assessed our major areas of concern, and provided us with a detailed written plan. When it came time for implementation, Kim was there to help every step of the way. Our daughter protested a lot at the start, but Kim was always extremely encouraging and positive. She never pushed us outside of where we were comfortable in terms of the approach, but she helped us stay strong especially during the first few nights. Kim's response time is lightning fast, and we never felt like we were on our own. She is always professional but is also able to bring a personal touch through her experiences with her own kids. Kim felt like a friend by the end of the process (we certainly texted enough!). She was also very invested in ensuring we had a good outcome as a family, and went above and beyond to make sure we were successful.

Now Audrey goes to bed at around 6:30 every night. She sleeps straight through until 7am. She goes down for naps like a pro. She gets on average three more hours of sleep in a 24-hour period than she did before. She is a happier baby, and we are much happier parents. I honestly cant even believe I am typing all of that, but it's true! It's amazing.
My number one piece of advice for any new parents will be to hire Kim. I am so glad we didn't wait - I feel like Kim has helped set us up for years of good sleep ahead, and I feel like she has taught us the tools we will need to successfully navigate any future hiccups.

Thank you so much Kim! Your support and guidance has seriously transformed life in our house. We can't thank you enough!

                                                                              Amanda in Toronto

"Kim's methods are gentle and kind and she truly cares about you AND your baby."

Prior to sleep training, it was taking us 2 to 3 hours to get our 6.5 month old daughter to fall asleep and into her crib, and then she would wake every 30 to 45 min. I would then bring her into bed with us where she would use me as a pacifier and still continue to wake as often. Naps were only with me and so I was spending 3 to 4 hours a day in bed in the dark with my daughter so that she could get her rest. I was exhausted, discouraged, stressed, and hovering on developing PPD.

My husband and I decided to sleep train/coach and started off the process using another well known, highly rated and recommended consultant. 2 weeks in, after she had us leaving our daughter screaming in the crib for naps until she was miserable, exhausted, and scared of her crib, we switched to Kim and it was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best decision we have ever made!!!

Within 2 days, we saw more improvement with Kim than we had in 2 weeks! Our daughter is now only waking once a night for a feed, if that. She is now napping in her crib. And the best part of all, she falls asleep independently in under 5 min without crying. She is now a happy baby, and is rapidly reaching new milestones because she is much better rested!

None of this would be possible without Kim! She is always available in real time to text and troubleshoot and this is incredibly important as I didn't realize how invaluable it is to have someone available at all times until we started the process. Her methods are gentle and kind and she truly cares about you AND your baby. I honestly don't know where we would be without her. Needless to say, my husband and I highly recommend her and given that my husband was skeptical at first about using a consultant, there is no higher praise!!

                                                                              Krystyna in Toronto

"I honestly didn't think it would be possible!"

Let me start by saying that I’m sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee writing this as my baby is peacefully napping. In her bed.

3 weeks ago, my 5.5 month old was waking every 30-60 minutes at night. She was not napping for more than 20-30 minutes at a time and more often than not would wake up crying. I knew she was chronically overtired, but I had no idea what to do about it. I was spending my nights rocking, bouncing or nursing her to sleep, and my days in her dark room trying to get her to nap. She was screaming every time we’d approach her bed. I was on the verge of depression.

My friend simply suggested I hire Kim. I didn’t do any research I just went with it. And I got so lucky. I have since read and experienced through others what a cookie-cutter approach looks like and how painful it can be for high-needs babies like mine was.

Kim devised a plan based on our family’s values and our baby’s personality. After the first night, we were already making changes to the plan to adapt to the situation and my baby’s behaviour. Kim was on the phone texting with us 24/7 the first two days and all day for the following 4 weeks, to give us guidance, support and encouragements. Depending on how the night or nap went, she would suggest what to do for the next one. Until you’re in the thick of it, you don’t realize how therapeutic and helpful it is to have someone who cares listen to the play by play of how your day is going, and giving you guidance all day long. Someone there who encouraged me to be consistent so no tear would be in vain. But someone who is deeply human, and told me to go to my baby when she knew the crying wasn’t worth it. Kim saved me thousands of dollars in therapy.

I was and still am allergic to my baby crying. Looking back, there were some tears and some major protesting (I doubt you will find a technique that works with no tears), but it lasted 2-3 days, and dramatically decreased after that.
Yes, I have my sanity back and dodged therapy. But the best result? Our little girl, the one who wouldn't sleep, had major stranger danger, scared of any noise, crying every time we would approach her crib, is now the happiest little 6 months old. She goes to sleep peacefully most naps and nights. She smiles at people she doesn’t know, wakes up rested, full of energy, and so much more relaxed. I was at the store today and someone said ‘what a happy little baby!’ and I cried; I honestly didn’t think it was possible. And that’s really what any mommy cares about, and all thanks to Kim.

                                                                              Laurence in Toronto

"I was so impressed by Kim's level of commitment to her clients’ success!"

Getting a sleep consultation package for our baby was one of the best decisions we have made as new parents. We were desperately, chronically sleep-deprived when we sought Kim’s help. Our 8 ½ month old daughter was still waking between 3 and 8 times every night, needing a lengthy session of nursing, rocking and singing to go back to sleep every time. Although we had a beautiful, adorable child, we were not enjoying her early months nearly as much as we could have: all we did was worry about how to get her--and us--more sleep! We had tried various methods, haphazardly and without any confidence, before stumbling onto Kim’s facebook group. I was impressed right away by the amount of detailed, knowledgeable, case-specific advice Kim offers (completely free!) to the parents of that group. We had been considering getting professional help for some time and after reading through the posts I felt sure that Kim would be the one to help us.

And she has: we saw dramatic improvement almost overnight, and within a week our baby had mastered the most important sleep skill--falling asleep on her own! We never would have gotten there without Kim’s support, advice and encouragement. She started sleeping 10-11 hour stretches, often without a single wake up (an outcome I had not even dared to hope for) and her parents emerged from the fog of chronic exhaustion for the first time basically since she was born. It was a total transformation and gave all of us a new lease on life. Our daughter clearly felt happier and more energized during the day too, and would frequently go down cheerfully without even a tear. Time to sleep became something we all looked forward to without dread.

A few weeks after we finished our consultation period, our baby learned to walk (early!) and experienced some renewed challenges. Kim followed up with us and, when she learned we were having some regression due to mastering this big milestone, volunteered more suggestions and support to get us back on track. I was so impressed by this level of commitment to her clients’ success!

There are many reasons to choose sleep consulting with Kim. A few that leap to mind are: she is super supportive, on hand (via text) for every single nap and bedtime. She walks you through the steps to getting your child to sleep, offers alternative solutions when things don’t go according to plan, helps you figure out what to do when the baby wakes unexpectedly, when you are exhausted and can’t think clearly...I don’t know when she finds time to sleep! I also appreciated that, as the mother of 2 small children, she clearly understands where her clients are coming from--you feel you are talking with a mom friend, someone who has been through the same struggles as you, who knows and sympathizes with your feelings. When developing your baby’s sleep plan, she takes into account your parenting style and philosophy and is careful to make sure you feel comfortable with her recommendations before proceeding. We were determined to minimize the crying--very challenging for an older baby like ours--and Kim was happy to work with us on that basis. Finally, Kim really knows her sleep science and is happy to explain the mechanics of baby sleep and provide solid, research-backed information to support her methodology and approach. This is great because it gives you the tools to address future issues from a position of knowledge.

Working with Kim has made a huge difference to our family, and I enthusiastically and gratefully recommend her services to anyone struggling to get their baby better sleep.

                                                                                 Jamie in Toronto

"Kim was there all hours and in real-time."

I was referred to Kim by a friend of mine who had recently used her. She raved about Kim's coaching style and responsiveness and we felt that was exactly what we needed. At the time we had a four month old baby who was co-sleeping and wouldn't sleep anywhere but on me. We also have two older children that were starting to have enough of their mother constantly having a baby in her arms and no space for them. We knew it was going to be a tough transition for baby going from sleeping next to mom and dad every night and nap to his own bed in his own room, but Kim gave us a plan and was there with us every step of the way and made changes as needed. She was there all hours and in real time. It was a long first week, but we started to see huge improvement very quickly. After about a week and a half, he was going down for naps and to bed without a peep. She allowed us to lead the way in terms of how much crying there would be and how often he would be fed at night. This I appreciated the most as I never felt I was ignoring or starving him. We are now in a great routine and everybody is happier. Parents are getting rest and have a predictable schedule and the older kids are getting more attention. We also love that we have tools to deal with any regression or sickness. We couldn't have done it without Kim!

                                                                                 Caryl in Toronto

"Kim is a certified professional, with knowledge and empathy."

I have been working with Kim for a little over a week. In this time my 4 month old son has gone from co sleeping and waking multiple times, only to nurse back to sleep, to sleeping 9-10 hours in his crib with only one feeding. I was apprehensive about sleep training because I wasn't open to letting my baby 'cry it out' for long periods of time, but Kim is committed to offering techniques that are compatible with my parenting style as well as the specific needs of my family. Kim consistently reinforces key behaviours for success, and equally reassures me, and guides me through missteps. She is available to answer questions quickly, and troubleshoot in the moment, making me feel truly supported in this process. I would highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with sleep training or parents looking to establish good sleep habits early on. She is a certified professional, with knowledge and empathy, and has brought well needed rest to me and my baby.

                                                                                 Laura in Toronto

"Within a few days we were seeing dramatic improvements."

Sleep training was something I never thought we would do, nor did I believe it would ever be possible to sleep train our "high needs" son. Then I met Kim, a sleep angel sent from the sleep gods! My son was almost 6 months old and waking every 1-2 hours, only able to fall back asleep with nursing. Naps were no more than 30 minutes and it took everything to get him to sleep because he was always overtired. We were all exhausted and sleep deprived. I knew something needed to change but didn't know where to start. Kim created a personalized plan that suited our parenting style and our son's temperament. Within a few days we were seeing dramatic improvements and our son was so much happier! Kim always made sure we were comfortable with the plan and genuinely cared about how our son was progressing. She was always available to trouble shoot problems and offer new techniques when our son was resisting change. Kim always explained the reasoning behind everything we encountered and kept us accountable so we stuck to the plan! With Kim's guidance everyone in our house is sleeping better, and when we are more rested we can be better parents! My husband and I would highly recommend Kim to any family that is in need of sleep!!

                                                                               Lindy in Saskatoon

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