Personalized Sleep Services

I am so glad you are here. I bet you would really love some quality SLEEP - for the whole family! Sleep coaching is a big step, but it’s so worth it! I have been there and I know it can be overwhelming with all the information available about sleep online and in books, but none of that information is personalized with your unique baby in mind. This is where I come in!

Are you looking to have a personal sleep mentor in your back pocket to guide you and ensure you achieve your sleep goals? Read on!

I am going to help you navigate the art and science that is baby sleep! We will work towards your baby or toddler becoming an independent sleeper in a respectful and supportive way (I say NO to CIO). We will set your baby up for success by implementing clean sleep strategies, plus we will observe and understand your little one's individual sleep needs. Many of my services come with unlimited text support, so if you have a question or need help, I am one click away from providing insight or troubleshooting a concern in real-time!

I want to EMPOWER you and get sleep back in your home. I will instill within you the calm confidence required to help your baby achieve quality, restorative sleep. Your family deserves it!

Rest Easy & Sleep Well Package - $425

This package is geared towards parents who are ready to make long-lasting, positive changes to their child’s sleep habits. Whether you have a 4+ month old baby or a walking, talking toddler, this package is the perfect way to uncover the sleep issues that keep your family from getting the rest they need.

• In depth, online sleep assessment of your child
• Personalized plan tailored to your child and family’s needs (48 hour turnaround)
• 30-minute telephone conversation prior to sleep plan implementation
• Unlimited mentored text & email support for one month (30 days)
• Invitation to my Sleep Support Community on Facebook 
• Customized supporting documents

Refresh & Rest Easy Package - $345

This package is designed for parents who require minimum coaching support and prefer to DIY but want a solid, straightforward plan to help their baby become an independent sleeper. Alternatively, this plan is also fantastic for babies and toddlers who have mastered the art of independent sleep, but are either waking up too early or taking short cat naps during the day… or both! I will work with you to solve these tricky sleep concerns so everyone can rest a little longer!

• In depth, online sleep assessment of your child
• Personalized plan tailored to your child and family’s needs (48 hour turnaround) 
• 30-minute telephone conversation prior to sleep plan implementation
• 3 weeks of unlimited email support (21 days)
• Invitation to my Sleep Support Community on Facebook

Rest Easy Newborn to Infant Hybrid Package - $495

This valuable and unique service is designed for parents with newborns (0-3 months) who are looking to implement healthy sleep habits early on and want professional guidance from the newborn through to the infant stage (up to 5 months of age).

I don’t believe in formal sleep coaching before four months of age, but I do believe healthy sleep habits can be developed early on, which eliminates the need for extensive sleep coaching down the road. I am newborn sleep certified and a certified HUG teacher. Through my training, we will take an extensive look at newborn and baby development, including understanding a baby’s body language to prevent and solve problems around feeding, sleeping, crying, parent-child attachment and interaction.

Most importantly, we will face the four-month sleep “regression” together and tackle any bumps in the road that may arise. Your little one will be sleeping soundly and independently with mentored and personal guidance from the beginning. As we work together one-on-one, I can make real-time suggestions to suit your baby’s personality and guide you along the way.

This package includes:
• An in depth, online sleep assessment of your child
• A Newborn Sleep Guide to help develop your baby’s healthy sleep habits
• Personalized, formal sleep plan to reinforce and nurture independent sleep at 4 months and beyond
• Invitation to my Sleep Support Community on Facebook
• Unlimited, mentored text support for 2 months (60 days)
• Three 15-minute check-in telephone calls
• Add-on additional month-to-month unlimited text support, if desired

Rest Easy In-Home Support - $75/hour

If you are seeking a personal, but professionally guided coaching experience, I am available to support you or manage the coaching for you for 1 to 7 nights during implementation. You are free to ask any questions along the way! I will provide moral support and encourage you to get some rest, whatever is needed to help you gain confidence and coach your baby towards restful, restorative sleep. A purchase of four hours minimum support required.

*In-home support is available to parents located in Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas. Additional travel charges may apply.
**Must be combined with an unlimited support sleep package

Sleep Support Extras

Siblings - Add $150 to any package for addtional siblings of a different age. Consultations must be made at the same time.

Multiples - Add $100 to any package for each addtional multiple. Consultations must be made at the same time.

Returning Family Support - $100/month
If you hit a roadblock or regression down the line and are part of the RESC family who previously purchased an unlimited support package, this continued support is ideal. I will evaluate your current sleep issues and pinpoint the setback with support and guidance you can count on! This service includes mentored text support for one month (30 days).

In-Person Sleep Consultation - $150
If you are not ready to commit to formal sleep coaching, or you have hit a roadblock and need guidence, we can meet in person or by Skype to discuss your sleep concerns. After our chat, I will send you a mini-sleep report, so you so can implement the strategies we discussed with confidence! 

The Fine Print

The start of your Personalized Sleep Package doesn’t begin until your personalized plan is emailed to you.

Rest Easy Sleep Consulting (Kim Sopman) reserves the right to terminate any sleep consultation that is deemed unsound due to medical or health related issues.

Additional unlimited text or email support can be purchased, but  is only available to clients who have invested in an unlimited support package. Please email for details.

In-home support must be combined with an unlimited sleep support package

Prices and packages are subject to change without notice, all prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars.

DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide medical advice.

The information/advice provided during this consultation is not medical advice. Reliance on the advice is solely at your own risk. The advice is for informational purposes only and is intended for use with healthy children with common sleep issues that are unrelated to medical conditions. The information provided is not intended nor is implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or the health and welfare of your baby, and before following the advice or using the techniques offered in this consultation. Also, it is always best to follow sleep recommendations according to the SIDS campaign. In no event will Kimberly Sopman be liable to you for any claims, losses, injury or damages as a result of reliance on the information provided.

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